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Top Oil & Gas Blogs to Follow

Top Oil & Gas Blogs to Follow

The oil and gas industry has been highly scrutinized over the last decade in the media for both good and bad reasons. We’ve collected 11 blogs we think are helpful in keeping up with the ever-changing status of the industry and all the moving pieces that make up oil and gas. Safety, operations, finance, geology, technology – you name it. These blogs should give you a running start in staying up to date with the headlines.


This blog by the Houston Chronicle tackles up- and midstream oil & gas as well as the politics and opinions surrounding the industry. It also includes information related to other sectors of the energy industry.

Energy Inc.

The Business Journal blogs are an excellent resource for regional news in energy or for specific basins. There are over 43 cities with business journals, 9 of which have an Energy Inc. blog.

Here are your business journal energy blogs:

Denver Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Houston Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Dallas Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Sacramento Business Journal, Energy Inc.

San Antonio Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Columbus Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Charlotte Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Pittsburgh Business Journal, Energy Inc.

Austin Business Journal, Energy Inc.

 Oil and Gas Investor: Blogs,  Hart Energy Publication

Oil and Gas Investor has a great beat on the industry. Reporting with a financial focus makes OGI a helpful resource when keeping up on the industry. The collection of blogs they have on their site cover the major US basins and report on the whole process of oil and gas including up-, mid- and downstream oil and gas.