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Water Hauling Doesn’t Need to Be This Hard

Water Hauling Doesn’t Need to Be This Hard

We all know the last few years have been rough for the oil field service companies that haul produced water. Competition is fierce, margins are razor thin, and it has been hard to win business without simply cutting prices. In a race to the bottom, nobody wins. Corners get cut and our best drivers may throw in the towel. We need a solution that makes this job easier for everyone involved.

Next week we are going to finally take the wraps off a whole new way to think about water hauling operations. It is going to save everyone money, provide greater accountability and transparency, help the best companies win more business and differentiate their services.

We know profit margins are tight and no one can afford to add any additional expenses to the balance sheet. Next week you’ll be able to increase your efficiency, complete more trips per day, operate more profitably, and win more business. You’re going to make your drivers, your customers and your accountants very happy.

Tuesday, May 23rd will be the day all of our lives get a little bit easier.