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The Water Hauling Revolution is Here

The Water Hauling Revolution is Here

Let’s all enjoy today, because it is the last day that anyone should be hauling produced water using manual measurements – ever again. Drivers – climb up those ladders one last time. Pop open those thief hatches, turn your heads away from those VOC clouds and hand write that paperwork. One. Last. Time. For old times sake!

The revolution is here folks – and Cartasite is driving this wagon, climb aboard while there’s still room. Tomorrow we’re going to announce a groundbreaking new approach to hauling produced water. It’s the single biggest advancement in this industry since…well..ever.

Cartasite has a solution that will dramatically increase the safety and enhance the efficiency of water hauling.

It will immediately improve the relationship between water haulers and oil producers. It will allow water haulers to differentiate themselves from the competition. Oh and did we mention it will save you a ton of time and money?

Tomorrow afternoon we change the game for good. Comb your hair, put on your fancy jeans and maybe even wear a shirt with some buttons. It’s a big day – you don’t want to miss it.