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What Year is It?

What Year is It?

I had the strangest dream last night. I was a driver out hauling produced water, but it felt EXACTLY like we were in 1955. I pulled up in the field and got out of my truck. It was cold and sleeting and miserable outside, and I had to climb up a big set of stairs and walk along a catwalk. I popped open a thief hatch and got punched in the face by a big cloud of nasty chemicals.

Then – get this – I had to drop a really long stick into the tank to take a measurement! A stick! I wrote down all the measurements by hand and had to do a bunch of math, and I still wasn’t done. I had to go up and do the whole ladder and stick thing again. It took forever, and I felt pretty terrible after all the climbing and breathing in chemicals and whatnot.

Man…..What. A. Nightmare. Could you imagine if people were still doing this today? That would be crazy! Wait a minute – breaking news. This IS how people are doing this today? What year is it?

There is DEFINITELY a better way to do this, and Cartasite has figured out how.

Check back in with us on Wednesday as this saga continues.