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mobile field ticket automation

what is it?


fieldTICKET is your mobile field ticket application solution. Customize any current form you use in the field and create a mobile form through fieldTICKET. fieldTICKET can accommodate any type of form with any information. Send the information immediately back to the office to any database you need. fieldTICKET’s QR code scanner saves time and eliminates error by automatically reading the base information.
The best part? There is no new device to purchase. The application works with your existing smart phone – Android, Apple and Blackberry.


    •  Unlimited Mobile Forms


    •  Built-In QR Code Scanner


    •  Native Input Tools

How It Works

fieldTICKET is your mobile form platform capturing and sending any type of data

fieldTICKET captures data and can integrate the information with virtually any system. Send your data to multiple places instantly through Cartasite’s Cloud servers. Reduce errors and eliminate steps in your report process with fieldTICKET.
  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Begin recording information.
  3. Submit the information to one or more databases.
And your form is completed. The information is sent to Cartasite’s Cloud Servers and on to whatever designated database you use.
sync data with any database. we recommend:


    •    Geospatial Dashboard With Realtime Telemetry


    •    Reporting and Analytics


    •    Dispatching and Workforce Management Tools


Enterprise Systems

    •    Simple integration into Business Applications including, ERP, BPM, CRM and more.


    •    Accurate Data with Single Point Data Entry


    •    Scheduling and Work Flow Optimization


    •    Send to any cloud-based database



fieldTICKET offers mobile forms and integration with any system. Save time and money eliminating entry errors and streamlining the reporting and analysis process.
fieldTICKET is a powerful application that can create any form and send the information to any database. Convert all of your forms into mobile forms and instantly communicate back to the office.
fieldTICKET has a built-in QR code scanner to automatically fill the “technical” information in for the employee so he or she may begin entering the new, unique data.
fieldTICKET is built to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. Native input tools recognize date, time and other pre-determined inputs and allows you to scroll to the correct option. This is an additional feature to help workers choose the correct option effortlessly.
fieldTICKET works with any database including worldVIEW or any other back end system your industry uses. Send any information to any place instantaneously.

Watch the Video for A Quick Summary of fieldTICKET

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