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Global Asset Management

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Keep your equipment secure and accounted for, anywhere in the world.

Cartasite’s GPS asset tracking and management system offers you a simple way to track all of your valuable assets and equipment.

Enterprises around the world rely on globalTAG to monitor assets, prevent theft, and increase operational efficiency.

Monitor your assets, prevent theft, and increase operational efficiency.
globalTAG leverages satellite networks to monitor your assets in realtime and works with powered and non-powered equipment.
globalTAG’s GPS asset tracking allows you monitor or be notified any time your assets move. Know when your equipment is moved and where it goes.
globalTAG monitors location, movement, and runtime. Notifications by text or email enable realtime gps asset monitoring.
globalTAG runs for over three years on just four AA batteries. Once the batteries are installed and globalTAG has a clear view of the sky, GPS asset tracking will be live in worldVIEW.
Our customers rely on globalTAG to track assets and equipment of all types. Here are just a few examples:
    •  compressors and generators


    •  portable light towers and cooling trailers


    •  portable shelters and safety trailers


    •  man lifts and cherry pickers
Easily generate time on location reports to streamline invoicing and aid in billing reconciliation.
Easily schedule maintenance, bill accurately, and implement refueling plans with runtime reports.
Roughly the size of a television remote, globalTAG is extremely lightweight, compact and functional in extreme temperatures.

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Cartasite offers world-class customer support. We are here to assist your efforts from installation to routine maintenance. If you are ready to expand and enhance your operations with our premiere oil and gas fleet management solutions and accurate realtime GPS asset tracking, now is the time to get in touch. For further information about any of our solutions, please contact our sales team. If you are a client, please contact support.


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