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ROVR: Realtime Onboard Vehicle Reporting


Managing a fleet while keeping your drivers safe doesn’t have to be hard.
Save time and money, and ensure the safety of your team when you manage your drivers and vehicles with ROVR. Our award-winning telematics technology offers you an array of features to help you track your fleet in real time. ROVR empowers your drivers to identify and correct their unsafe driving habits, which will reduce risk and liability, improve fuel efficiency, and minimize operating costs. With this simple technology and our worldVIEW dashboard, you will be in total control of all of your assets around the globe.

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The Cartasite Difference

Your Safe Driving Program Partners
Cartasite is a global leader in fleet tracking and fleet safety products. For more than ten years the top energy and utility companies have relied on Cartasite to manage fleets, save money, and keep their drivers safe. Cartasite’s award-winning products and customer service are the industry standard, so don’t trust your employee’s safety to anyone else.
Safety is a team effort, and our team is the best.
Simple Installation
Customer Success
World-Class Support
Simple Implementation
ROVR technology is simple to implement and operate, regardless of your experience with fleet management.
Committed to Your Success
Our out-of-the-box setup will have you connected in no time and our customer success managers will support you every step of the way.
World-Class Support
Our support team is consistently rated 97% in overall satisfaction. We’re here every day to  meet your needs.
Your workers are your greatest asset. Keep them safe.
Technology working for you
While ROVR will save your business thousands of dollars, it will also positively impact every employee at your company. With ROVR increasing your fleet efficiency and driver safety you can rest assured that you have the most effective tools to get your drivers home safely each and every night.

Safe driving is no accident.

Changing driver behavior without Big Brother
The most dangerous job your team will do today starts when they get behind the wheel. Providing your drivers with direct feedback and our patented weekly scorecard will give them the power to adjust their behavior on their own, without feeling like you’re micromanaging.

How ROVR Helps Your Bottom Line

Your Fleet Costs Slashed
Our customers see an average decrease of 20% in idling, a 55% reduction in MVIs, and a 25% improvement in fuel economy. ROVR will reduce fuel costs, vehicle wear, insurance premiums, all of which adds up to significant savings.
Realtime, Real Control
ROVR sends a continuous stream of data to worldVIEW, with the precise location of every critical asset. If you have an emergency, you will know where every vehicle is, who is closest, and how to deploy your resources.
Make Informed Decisions
ROVR’s reporting system provides you with critical information about your fleet, allowing you to adapt your strategy for maximum efficiency. Fleet management analytics reflect the metrics you need to make clear, easy business decisions quickly.

What our clients are saying


“In the 30 years I’ve been in the safety business, I have never seen a tool have a greater, faster impact in modifying behavior in my entire career… It’s just amazing how far the technology has come and what that information can do.”


– Peter Rybacki,

HSE Advisor at ConocoPhillips


“ROVR has been very effective. We have not had an at-fault accident in 10 months. We also monitor the number of speeding alerts generated on a custom alert.”


– Paul Patteson,

FST-HSE Field Rep, Cameron International


“We implemented Cartasite’s program in 2010. I’ve looked at lot of technologies and at a lot of different companies: [Cartasite is] easy to use, offers customization and has all the factors. It is a great value to us.”


– Col. Mark Trostel,

Driver Safety Advisor, Encana Corporation, Retired Chief of Colorado State Patrol



ROVR Reduces Risk

Speeding is the leading cause of motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) and fatalities, but it’s rarely thought of as the most dangerous behavior behind a wheel – on the job or off of it. By lessening speeding and two other leading indicators of risk listed below, your MVIs substantially decline and sometimes vanish.
Hard Braking
Hard braking indicates that a driver was following too closely, or distracted behind the wheel. ROVR improves driver behavior and reduces distracted driving by encouraging self-correction and awareness.
Rapid Acceleration
Peeling out is dangerous, increases wear and tear on the vehicle and tires, and diminishes fuel efficiency. ROVR tracks these events and reports them to drivers for self-correction.
Dashboard: Powerful, Flexible, Simple
Our geospatial dashboard, worldVIEW, displays your fleet’s data and the realtime status of every vehicle and asset on an easy to use map. worldVIEW allows you to customize reports to provide you with the data that is most critical to your company. Our fleet management system helps you to manage fleet logistics and maintenance proactively.
Adaptable to Any Fleet
ROVR and ROVR+ allow fleet managers to implement our system in any fleet – light- or heavy-duty vehicles. Configure ROVR to accommodate multiple drivers per vehicle, personal vehicles used for work, and more. We match your company structure in worldVIEW before you receive your devices, so you are all set to install and be on the road.
We work with all the major networks to ensure broad coverage so that you may choose the provider you prefer.
Dual Mode: Complete Global Coverage
Do you operate in areas with little to no cell coverage? ROVR buffers information taken from vehicles out of coverage for large amounts of time. However, if your fleet is mostly out of coverage for weeks or even months, our low-price dual mode solution will keep your fleet connected no matter the cellular coverage. ROVR RSL connects with ROVR with no added installation time to give you insight into your fleet at all times.

5 Ways Telelmatics Can Reduce Vehicle Costs

Read More About the Savings You Can Earn From Your Telematics System


Start Saving Today

Implementing a new technology can be daunting, but Cartasite makes the process easy and quick for your entire fleet, no matter how small or large. Our clients are continually praising our easy implementation, roll out, and commitment to customer success.
  •    Complete Company Hierarchy Built In to worldVIEW Dashboard
  •    Less Than 5 Minutes Installation Time
  •    Comprehensive Video Tutorial Library

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Cartasite offers world-class customer support. We are here to assist your efforts from installation to routine maintenance. If you are ready to expand and enhance your operations with our premiere oil and gas fleet management solutions and accurate realtime GPS asset tracking, now is the time to get in touch. For further information about any of our solutions, please contact our sales team. If you are a client, please contact support.


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