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Produced Water Management

Water Management is Now More Profitable

While most oil and gas companies closely monitor every activity that occurs below the ground – there is often a lack of information about what’s happening above it. You know what you’re paying for your oilfield water management, but could you tell us how much your water management actually costs you? If you don’t have all of the information – how can you identify ways to increase efficiency and save money? fieldFLOW solves this problem, and many more –  for producers and water haulers alike.


Our technology revolutionizes oilfield water management by increasing the profitability, efficiency and transparency of the process. With fieldFLOW you can eliminate manual measurements and handwritten paperwork – and ensure 99.9% accuracy in the process.  You can also increase the safety of your drivers by keeping them off of stock tanks and away from thief hatches. Get paid faster, save up to 60 minutes on location per driver per day, and increase the transparency between producers and service companies.  Everyone wins with fieldFLOW.

driver safety


fieldFLOW typically delivers at least a 4X return on investment. This technology pays for itself almost immediately, and will get you paid faster.

digital field tickets

Less Paperwork,
More Driving

Streamline the process and eliminate the need to for handwritten tickets, fieldFLOW automatically measures and records all information.

water tank sensors

Maximize Every Load,
Eliminate Fines

Our sensors are accurate to within 1/2 barrel. This allows you to haul the maximum amount of water every trip and avoid costly fines.

“As an operator, this system saves us enough in two months to cover the cost for a year.”

– DJ Basin IOC manager for a major E&P Company –

Keep Your Employees Safe While Saving Time and Money

More than just an electronic field ticket, fieldFLOW is a complete platform for managing your water hauling operation. fieldFLOW pays for itself in the first month.

See How fieldFLOW Works

Ready to See Your Water Hauling Profits Soar?

Water hauling is an industry that could be much more profitable. Let us show you how.

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