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Cartasite’s GPS asset tracking and management system offers you a simple way to track all of your valuable equipment. Using satellite technology, globalTAG can locate any piece of equipment – anywhere in the world. globalTAG monitors the location, movement and runtime of any equipment and sends notifications by text or email enabling real time gps asset monitoring.

Our customers rely on globalTAG to track assets and equipment of all types including compressors, generators, portable light towers, cooling trailers, portable shelters, safety trailers, man lifts, cherry pickers and more.

globalTAG Remote Equipment Management
  • Easily monitor location, movement and runtime of any equipment
  • Receive realtime notifications by text or email
  • globalTAG is small handheld device that installs in minutes
  • Intrinsically safe options available

globalTAG improves your operational efficiency as well, by tracking time on location and machine run time. This allows you to generate reports that will streamline your invoicing, and assist in the scheduling of maintenance or the implementation of refueling plans.

globalTAG attaches to any piece of equipment in a matter of minutes and it can run off of four AA batteries for up to three years – so no power source is required to run it. Simply install the batteries, power it on – and you’re in business.