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Driver Safety Focused Fleet Management

The most efficient companies are those that prioritize driver safety. Save time and money, and ensure the safety of your team when you manage your drivers and vehicles with ROVR. Our award-winning telematics technology offers you an array of features to help you track your fleet in real time.

Our out-of-the-box setup will have you connected in minutes.

ROVR is the Only Fleet Management System You’ll Ever Need

Our unparalled realtime dashboard worldVIEW will show you every single one of your drivers, in realtime. In addition you’ll be able to instantly view:

  • REALTIME MOVEMENT Quickly locate any vehicle for dispatch, routing or safety purposes.
  • WEEKLY DRIVER SCORECARDS We highlight the trends and patterns of behavior within the three leading indicators of risk.
  • INDIVIDUAL TRIP REPORTS Drivers can receive near realtime feedback to help improve their driving behavior.
  • NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL All Cartasite solutions integrate with worldVIEW so you can track and manage your entire operation from one dashboard.

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Improving Driver Safety is the #1 way to save money.

“In the 30 years I’ve been in the safety business. I have never seen a tool have a greater, faster impact in modifying behavior in my entire career.”

– Pete Rybacki, HSE Advisor at Conoco Phillips –

Direct Driver Feedback
  • ROVR empowers drivers to identify and correct their own unsafe driving behavior with no micromanagement
  • ROVR includes driver coaching and encourages friendly competition by gamifying the process
  • Companies using ROVR have found that it leads to a culture that embraces safety and improved driving habits
Our Customer Support Team is rated 97% in overall satisfaction.

“Since we’ve implemented ROVR into our fleet – we’ve seen a 55% reduction in motor vehicle incidents.”

– Col. Mark Trostel Driver Safety Advisor at Encana Corp. –

driver safety fleet management satellite monitoring system

No Cell Coverage? No problem!

With our satellite monitoring system – ROVR SL – your drivers and assets are never out of range. ROVR SL allows our customers to locate any of their vehicles or equipment, in real time – anywhere on the planet.

Ready for Your Customized Solution?

Cartasite will develop a customized fleet management solution for your specific needs.

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