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Give Your Team a Lifeline – Anywhere in the World

Working alone in remote locations is a part of life for many people. A simple accident can quickly turn into an emergency if there’s no one available to help. With SPOT, no one on your team will ever be alone in the field again.

With Cartasite’s lone worker communication system SPOT, your team will never be alone in the oilfields again. This affordable and reliable device is worn on the uniform of every lone worker. When in an emergency situation, your employees can push a single button that sends a signal and their exact location to a 24/7 response team who then contacts the nearest emergency responder.

For non-life threatening accidents, employees can use SPOT to request help from someone in the office. SPOT even allows for greater communication as employers can track the location of their staff – anywhere in the world – and workers can send a “check in” or “delayed” message back to the office.

lone worker safety app

  • SOS / 911: Workers can send critical, life threatening alerts to a 24/7 emergency response team
  • Track Me: Track worker coordinates up to every 5 minutes
  • HELP: Workers can call for help in non-emergency situations
  • Check In: Allows workers to let supervisors know they are on location and ok
  • Delays: Workers can notify headquarters that they are temporarily delayed


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Lone worker safety is absolutely critical in preventing a disaster – don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Protect your employees and increase your communication with SPOT.

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