A mobile workforce platform

to optimize your operation

make timely, informed decisions that improve your business operations

Optimize Your Operation

worldVIEW delivers realtime visibility into the operating condition and location of every asset, every remote worker, and every vehicle in your enterprise. Our easy-to-use dashboard presents your information in one consolidated place. Detailed reports and analytics are easily referenced allowing you to pull information immediately.
worldVIEW gives you:
Easily configure worldVIEW to match your organizational structure.
A driving safety scorecard is delivered to every driver each week, providing feedback on the three leading indicators of risk and giving them the information they need to self-correct.
Managers and team leaders can easily manage by exception and recognize their safest drivers.
Trip reports provide arrival & departure times as well as locations. These reports also include any driving events that occurred during the trip and can be used as coaching tools to improve driving behavior.
Receive realtime notifications whether in the office or out in the field. Keep your drivers, vehicles, and assets safe and secure.
Create customized reports or choose from a broad library of standard reporting options.
Standard reports include:
  • Device Status Report
  • Driver Idling Report
  • Speeding Report
  • Mileage Expense Report
  • Driver Performance Report
  • Geofence Incident Report
  • Location Incident Report
Easily organize and track your vehicles, assets, remote workers, and more.
View trends and reports on driver safety, your vehicles, mobile workers, and assets.
Add any layer of geospatial information to your worldVIEW map. View traffic, satellite, hybrid, and more.
Transform Data into Actionable Information
Data is only valuable if you can use it to make better business decisions. worldVIEW collects and analyzes millions of data points per day, identifies the most important information for your organization, and presents it as actionable intelligence you can use.

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